PSP on their new CEC: We want the party to move forward

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Singapore — The Progress Singapore Party (PSP) has shared about their new Central Executive Committee (CEC) on Saturday (Apr 4).

The party has reorganised the committee, with a total of 14 members. Dr Tan Cheng Bock is newly appointed as the Chairman of the party, with Mr Francis Yuen taking over the position of Secretary General.

“Things are changing, and as the party grows, we need to make space to enhance the leadership” said Dr Tan during the press conference on the new CEC.

“PSP is not ‘my party’, it is for Singaporeans”, Dr Tan said when addressing the issue of stepping back from the position of Secretary General, and letting Mr Yuen take charge. He added that the new team has matured, and should have the opportunity to use their strengths and skills to move forward.

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“Our Sec-gen Francis is as steady as a rock” Dr Tan commended. Mr Yuen, the new secretary general of the party, is a former air force lieutenant-colonel, and has worked in the private sector. He was also praised for his composure, and how he can instill quiet confidence in people.

“I am repositioning,” Dr Tan shares, “letting the new team take on more, and yet giving support and a guiding hand whenever necessary.” The now-chairperson tells his dream of going down to the ground, and visiting his doctor to know if he is healthy enough to continue with his work.

“As long as I am able to serve, I will serve”, Dr Tan said.

Dr Tan is currently 80 years old, and turns 81 later in April. However, despite his old age, he still has a strong passion to reach out and help the people of Singapore.

The PSP has stability, despite many rumours going around. The party understands its role, and wants to build a better Singapore for all.

The party prides themselves on being progressive, and having their own style when it comes to positions within the party. They open the ground for any person who is good to shine, and not stifle talent. Which is why despite Leong Mun Wai and Hazel Poa’s position as NCMPs, Mr Francis Yuen was elected as Secretary General. However, Dr Tan pushes that positions in the CEC should not hold back any member from being an MP, and that if any member manages to be elected into parliament, the party would give them wholehearted support.

The current party has around 2000 members and volunteers, and they want to be inclusive. PSP has already launched a Women’s Wing, which aims to increase women’s participation in Singapore’s political scene and drive policies & engagements on women-specific issues. They also have their own Youth Wing run by Terence Soon.

The party is taking a 3 pronged approach in their work. Consolidation and organisation of the party members will be taken up by Mr Yuen, while reaching out to people and explanation of party position and visions by Dr Tan. The two NCMPs Mr Leong and Ms Poa are in charge of showing PSP’s position in parliament, giving Singaporeans a feel of what PSP policies would be, and playing a check and balance role in parliament.

Mr Yuen also took this opportunity to share their 7 core beliefs: Governance which articulate transparency and accountability; Helping the people; Transforming the economy of Singapore; having a Holistic education; Diversity in ideas; Strong social safety net; and Sustainability of population, new energy, climate change, and green economy. These beliefs are the issues that PSP is trying to push for.

In addition, they have 7 core values, which they call the TIRs, two Cs, and two Ds. Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Conviction, Discipline and Diversity. It guides the member’s behavior in the party.

“‘You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.” Says Ms Wendy Low, when sharing about the party. The party stresses that they will remain relevant in the Singapore political scene, and provide a complete narrative. They also added that the party will continue to be capable, willing and committed, and have their hearts in the right place.

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