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The Public Transport Council confirmed today (8 Oct) that bus and train fares will rise by seven per cent – the maximum allowable increase under this year’s fare review exercise – for adult commuters from 28 December 2019 onwards.

Adult commuters – who make about 65 per cent of all public transport trips in Singapore – who use travel cards will pay nine cents more per journey from the end of the year while those who use cash or single-trip tickets will have to pay a hefty 20 cents increase more trip.

That is not all. The cost of monthly concession passes is set to rise by between S$1 and S$5.50 while the price of adult monthly travel passes will go up by a steep S$8.

Students, senior citizens and those with disabilities who hold concession cards will see a 4-cent increase per journey, compared to the seven per cent hike for adult commuters. Full-time polytechnic and diploma students who presently pay adult fares will also qualify for concession cards.

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The latest fare increase is based on a fare adjustment formula that was introduced last year. The formula takes factors like energy prices and inflation into account in the formula on how fares should be adjusted. -/TISG

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