Rumours abound that businesswoman Hani Mohamed will contest alongside heavyweights Hazel Poa, Michelle Lee and Dr Tan Cheng Bock

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Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s Progress Singapore Party (PSP) may not have announced its candidates for the upcoming elections, but speculation has definitely ensued.

Businesswoman Hani Mohamed has not been spared from the rumours, and after being seen at several PSP events, sources have told Redwire that the party is expected to induct her as a candidate for the upcoming General Election.

If she accepts the offer, Hani will join other heavyweights in the party such as Michelle Lee and Hazel Poa, all contesting under the PSP banner.

Hani presently runs Alertist, a consultancy she founded in 2012 that organises inter-faith peacebuilding conferences.

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A former Media, Journalism and Mass Communication lecturer at Monash and Murdoch Universities, she has organised and spoken at dialogues across internationally-renowned institutions such as King’s College London, the University of Exeter, Singapore Management University, and the National University of Singapore.

Hani was also formerly President of One Singapore – a voluntary welfare organisation that aims to tackle the problem of poverty.

Another figure whom many speculate (or hope) will join PSP is Mr Lee Hsien Yang, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s younger brother.

While the former’s involvement with the party remains to be seen, questions and eyebrows were raised after the younger Mr Lee and Dr Tan were seen having breakfast with PM Lee’s own ward, Ang Mo Kio.

During the Progress Singapore Party’s (PSP) press conference last month (July 26), Secretary General Dr Tan Cheng Bock was asked a number of questions on Lee Hsien Yang, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s younger brother.

At first, when asked if any plans were in the works for Lee Hsien Yang to join the party, he said, “I think Lee Hsien and I, we are good friends, And I think you all have seen him walking the ground.

Without denying or confirming directly, Dr Tan floated the idea of Mr Lee joining the party, “And I must say that if he wants to join me, he’s always free to join me. But he must adhere to my PSP terms”.

Even at the public launch of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), Dr Tan Cheng Bock announced that Lee Hsien Yang, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s younger brother, is still welcome to join the party, but added that people “Let him (Lee Hsien Yang) make the decision himself”.

Upon reaching out to the party, however, Mr Alex Tan Tiong Hee, Member of CEC of PSP said, “Firstly there wasn’t such a thing as it “attributes the article to a source” because in the first place there wasn’t any “source” and there wasn’t any “leak”. The entire article was written out of the fabled imaginary mind of the writer playing on sensationalism for whatever reasons best known only to the writer. Which is why articles written like this kind of untruth can only damage the image of social media as untrustworthy and playing on illusions and giving a bad name to social media industry”. -/TISG

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