SDP to reveal potential candidates at pre-election rally –

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The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) plans to unveil some of its potential candidates for the next General Election at a pre-election rally set to take place at Hong Lim Park.

The rally, to be held on October 19, aims to generate enthusiasm and excitement about the need for change.

“Because nothing less than the future of our nation is at stake”, the SDP explains”.

They also add that that their rally, ‘Shake It Up!’ is out of the ordinary, with live entertainment and SDP’s potential candidates presenting the party’s case for the impending GE.

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They also add, “The occasion will culminate in a mass light up display which will involve you, the people. It will be a historic and memorable event which will light the flame for the GE”.

The SDP website says, “With the PAP set to pile on difficulties on citizens like raising the GST to 9%, jacking up our population to an unbearable 10 million, and retaining the CPF savings of retirees, it is time the Singaporeans send a clear message to our ministers that we don’t approve of these policies.

The speakers will focus on three major themes – “no to 9 per cent goods and services tax (GST)”, “no to 10 million resident population” and “no to the retention of Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings.”

Aiming to create the biggest awareness campaign this nation has ever seen, the SDP would like to grab the attention of Singaporeans to emphasize upon the seriousness of this election and build momentum. /TISG

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