Singapore news today | A Ramp In Aljunied GRC That Took 7 Years To Build, Because PAP Refuses To Yield To WP

Judgement has been passed on the Aljunied Hougang Town Council case, where WP MPs Pritam Singh, Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Kiang were found liable for the damages incurred. WP’s Secretary General Pritam Singh has come out firing against the PAP’s divisive approach towards politics, by citing a resident’s ramp that was just completed.

The resident’s Barrier-Free-Access ramp is located at at Block 108 Bedok Reservoir Road, and Pritam said in his Facebook post that he was glad the ramp is finally completed, after the idea was first mooted way back in 2012, and incredible SEVEN years from conceptualization to construction and finally, completion. Pritam blamed the PAP about the role that grassroots leaders play in this.

As he explained in the same FB post, the government grants $40m to all Town Councils for community improvement upgrading projects. However, MPs must go through their Grassroots Advisers to raise projects for consideration. For PAP wards, Grassroots Advisers are always the elected PAP MPs themselves, so basically, they ownself allow ownself to use funds. But for opposition ward, the Grassroot Adviser happens to be the very same PAP candidates that were defeated by the WP in the Elections, thus it is no surprise that they have their own agenda against WP doing good work for their residents.

Pritam also question how the Grassroot Advisers are allowed to be making themselves very visible in an official capacity, thereby conveniently campaigning for votes way before the Election period, as they embed themselves in the consciousness of the residents.

How is this fair? Imagine losing Opposition MPs being grassroot advisers at all the other PAP wards that they won. Surely, the PAP will not allow that, right?

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