Singapore news today | Chan Chun Sing Says 18 Year Olds Not Mature Enough To Vote In SG

Every country in the ASEAN bloc has done it. Even our near neighbours Malaysia had recently did it. What is it? Allowing 18 year old to vote in their elections. In Indonesia, even someone as young as 17 can vote. However, Singapore’s own movement to have the voting age lowered from 21 to 18 had been shot down by PM wannabe Chan Chun Sing before it can even gain enough traction.

Chan, who is the Trade and Industry Minister, said the government takes a “graduated approach” when it comes to setting the legal ages for various responsibilities in Singapore. According to Chan, rights and responsibilities gradually increase as one matures, until they reach the common law age of majority at 21. And he further tried to justify his take by indicating that the age of 21 is when person comes of age to make decisions as an adult and engages in activities that involve significant personal responsibility.

So, what he is basically saying is that voting requires maturity, and those below 21 years old are not matured enough to decide on their future. He did not, however, explain why Singapore’s young men are required to serve NS when they turn 18. For context, these immature young men are required to handle weapons and grenade during their NS obligations. So they are not mature to vote, but mature enough to handle dangerous weapons that can really kill.

And Chan also did not explain why driving and motorbike licences are also given to 18 year olds if they pass their driving tests. Of course, once these immature young people get their licence, they can go on the road and drive cars and ride motorbikes. These can become killer machines if these immature young people cannot handle them properly.

Perhaps, Chan never thought through his and his party’s thought process. Always shooting off from the mouth, as usual. Sounds like an immature thing to do.

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