Singapore news today | Chinese Auntie Reluctant To Sit Beside Bangla Worker In MRT

A Facebook post shared on Wednesday July 17th has detailed on how a Chinese Auntie had refused to sit beside a Bangla worker on the train, even though he had only occupied one seat, and the seat next to him was empty.

A person with the user name Regina Yqh went to Facebook to share the incident she witnessed at the MRT a few days ago. In the post, she wrote that initially, the Bangla man was seated opposite her, with one seat empty beside him. A few moments passed before an elderly Chinese auntie boarded the train. However, the auntie appeared reluctant to sit down, and even made eye contact with the Bangla worker as if he needs to stand up before she agrees to sit down.

Ms Regina’s suspicions proved correct, as the Bangla man stood up from his seat. The auntie then gave him a look as though he did something wrong by sitting in that empty seat. Ms Regina, who called herself a true blue Chinese, wrote at how disappointed she was to see an ugly discrimination act taking place. She did the next best thing she knew, by giving up her seat to the man who was wronged. The auntie was of course oblivious to her own discriminatory act, and one would assume she would continue to discriminate against people of other races.

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