Singapore news today | Drones Caused Flight Delay In Changi Airport Again, 2nd Time In Less Than A Week

Changi Airport was hit with another round of flight delays, as unauthorised drone activities once again was the major culprit of the delays on Monday. This was the second incident in less than a week of unauthorised drone flying within the vicinity of Changi Airport, and both incidents have caused flights to be delayed in landing and taking off from Changi.

In the latest incident that took place on Monday from around 8pm to 9pm, 15 flights were delayed, while another 7 had to be diverted. CAAS confirmed that the diversion and delays were necessary and carefully regulated as a precautionary measure. They are investigating the incident, and no arrests have been made yet.

This follow last Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s incidents, where a total of 37 scheduled departure and arrival flights at Changi were delayed, from 11pm on June 18th to 9am on June 19th. This was also due to unauthorised flying of drones in the vicinity of the Changi Airport area. All drones are not allowed within a 5km radius of the airport.

While both incidents are still under investigations, and no arrests have been made yet, the CAAS and the police reminds the public that enforcement action will be taken against those who broke the law. Time for the CAAS and the police to get their act together soon, as two incidents in the space of less than a week does not reflect well on our World No 1 Airport.

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