Singapore news today | Fire At Geylang Ravaged Shophouses, Netizens Say The Area Is Always Fiery & Hot

A fire broke out late on Wednesday night at Geylang, engulfing two shophouses in the process. The fire first broke out at the building at Geylang Lorong 14, at about 8:35pm, and the fire was so huge that twelve emergency vehicles and 70 firefighters were deployed to the scene, The area was also cordoned off by the police to facilitate the firefighting.

There were no injuries reported, but there were people from inside the building when the fire broke out, and they were understood to have been evacuated safely by the firefighters on the scene. Videos and photos of the fire have gone viral, showing the huge fire that consumed the two shophouses. Some Netizens responded to the posts online on the fire by indicating that the area of Geylang is known for having hot girls walking the street, so the fire might have occurred due to the hot and fiery nature of the area.

Thankfully, no one got hurt in the fire, and life in the Geylang Lorongs will continue as usual once the police and firefighters clear the area.

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