Singapore news today | Huawei Fail To Deliver As Shops Run Out Of $54 Offer Phones, Need Police To Tell People To Fuck Off

Huawei thought they had stumbled upon the most creative way to increase their market share among Singaporeans, by offering their Y6 Pro phones at a special discounted price of $54. This was in celebration of Singapore’s national day, and the offer was also only open to senior citizens.

What they did not count on was actually having long snaking queues at all their stores carrying the offer, and that the phones would run out eve before the queue managed to thin. In fact, at some areas, the people in the queue outnumbered the phones available, that even before the stores are opened, the sets are considered sold out to those who unfortunately came later or are at the back of the queue.

This also happened at the Tampines store, where police had to be called in to placate the crowd, as those in the queue realised that even though they had been there before the store opened, the phones already run out, and they will never get to buy at the price stated. Police had to inform these elderly folks that they had to go home, as the phones are all sold out. Imagine the anger and frustration. No one from the store had the guts to inform them that the phones they wanted had sold out, and they had to use the Police to tell the crowd to disperse. And they had been in the queue since early morning!

To make matters worse, it became apparent that the Tampines store was only carrying limited stocks of maybe 20 – 30 sets, while the queue outside numbered in the hundreds! Obviously not well prepared. The same scene was replicated at all other Huawei stores islandwide.

Huawei of course sent out a statement of apology, indicating they are sorry they could not meet the majority demands of the promotion. No one’s buying their apologies though. Looks like this is one major PR disaster for the Chinese company.

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