Singapore news today | KPMG One Of Many Local Firms Accused Of Using Internship Program To Hire FTs Full Time

A local Singaporean student have wrote in insisting how a big local company is abusing the internship program to actually use it as their stepping stone to actually hire foreign talents on a full time basis. The local student, who indicated that he is from the Singapore Management Univeristy (SMU), lifted the lid on how job snatchers enter Singapore on the pretext of doing their internships here, but are actually here on a trial.

The student, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he is currently interning at KPMG Singapore, having served two years of his national service before his current stint in the university. He alleged that a group of Australian students from the University of Canberra were interning here at KPMG Singapore, courtesy of Ngee Ann Polytechnic. These Australian students are on some scholarship which Ngee Ann Polytechnic recognise and take specially good care of them of these foreign students.

The Singaporean student went on to say that these foreign students boasted about their special treatment on their social media accounts, and even boasted that all they need to do was make some noise, and there would be Ngee Ann Polytechnic staff coming down to KPMG to help them with the internships. The Singaporean student said this does not happen to local interns, where they are expected to toil on their own without help given.

The student further ranted that he is very confused on why Ngee Ann Polytechnic is not focusing on helping local students and their graduates find jobs. According to ChannelNewsAsia, MOM’s statistics for unemployment rate inched up to 3.3% in the second quarter of 2019. So the big question is, why is a local polytechnic like Ngee Ann Polytechnic bringing in such foreign talent to compete in the job market for jobs with the locals? Why is Ngee Ann Polytechnic doing this to snatch jobs from local students? Are tax payers paying money to have their jobs snatched from themselves? Why is MOM and ICA allowing this to happen?

The student ended his rant by wondering if other schools in Singapore are doing the same thing at the expense of local students. This issue needs to be looked into and addressed by the Ministries to stop foreigners from simply coming to Singapore and snatching jobs without contributing anything to Singapore.

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