Singapore news today | Lee Hsien Yang Asks The Question Most SGreans Want To Know

PM Lee’s estranged brother, and currently the most favourite of the Lee families amongst many Singaporeans, Lee Hsien Yang, has asked the question that many Singaporeans had wanted to know for a long time – why is Ho Ching’s salary declared a State Secret?

Ho Ching has been the Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings since 2002. She first joined Temasek Holdings as a Director in January 2002 then became its Executive Director in May 2002 and was appointed Chief Executive Officer on 1 January 2004. That in itself is an astonishing climb up the ladder, but no one is questioning that now. The question that Mr Lee, and Singaporeans in general is asking now is, “no surprise that Temasek still didn’t disclose Ho Ching’s salary, but why is it such a big secret?”

Normally, when something is such a big secret, it means the powers that be don’t want people to know something, and that is just a convenient excuse to hide something. So, why is the salary of the CEO of a private sector company, with links to the Government, declared a State Secret? What are they hiding? Surely every Singaporean has the right to know?

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