Singapore news today | LTA Allows Inward Facing Cams In Taxis And PHVs To Record Audio Also

Just two weeks after the LTA allowed all taxis and private hire cars to have inward facing cameras in their vehicles, they are now allowing these inward facing cameras to record audio too. LTA released a statement to that effect, citing a governmental study that indicated 90% of respondents were in favour of such recordings.

LTA also reiterated that by having audio recordings will help greatly in supporting investigations into inappropriate or violent behaviour as well as fare-related disputes. The new ruling will take into effect in about two weeks, from 15 July onwards. However, all taxis and private hire car drivers must obtain permission from LTA to install inward facing camera, and only three companies are authorised by LTA to install the devices. And those vehicles with inward facing videos must display signs to inform passengers of the presence.

With this new ruling, maybe we would see more ‘kidnapping’ saga?

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