Singapore news today | More People Over The Age Of 60 Going To Jail In SG

The numbers of seniors over the age of 60 going to prison is on the up, according to latest statistics released. The report also said that this mirrors the trend seen in other countries such as Britain, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan.

In 2018, 486 seniors were sent to jail, a jump of 50% from figures in 2013. Drug related offences were the number one cause, followed by causing hurt and traffic offences. The State Courts also dealt with 196 offenders above the age of 65, which represents the highest figure in the last 3 years. The report did nit indicate why drug case seems to be the highest number, except indicating that 87.4% of the senior folks who were in prison had been jailed at least once before in their lifetime.

Studies should be done to determine why this is the case. Is it because of the rising cost of living, that old folks turn to drug consumption, which will lead to a free stay in jail? Or are the seniors turning to drugs to help them go through the hard life of being an old folk living in expensive Singapore?

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