Singapore news today | PM Lee: SG Open To All Sexual Orientation, Come Work In SG

PM Lee Hsien Loong reiterated his government’s stand when he was speaking about sexual orientation and the Section 377A of the Penal Code, during a Q&A session at the Smart Nation Summit. The summit, which took place at Marina Bay Sands on June 26, was bascially a showcase of Singapore being a smart nation, and the kind of workforce it can hope to attract.

PM Lee then was asked by the audience about inclusiveness, particularly for foreign workers and what he thought about Pink Dot, the country’s yearly pro LGBT rights demonstration, which happens to be taking place this Saturday, June 29, at Hong Lim Park. PM Lee did not surprise anyone when he said he does not know what 377A’s exact wording was, but emphasised that everyone, no matter their sexual orientation, are welcome to work in Singapore. Although he did say that the 377A will not be removed, he did say that everyone knows the rules in Singapore, and it should not stop them from coming over to work.

He also reiterated that the 377A has not stopped people from working here, and that the Pink Dot movement have been having their yearly gathering without any objections from his government. His comments are also interesting, as his nephew, Li Huanwu, recently married his boyfriend in Cape Town. Huanwu is of course the son of Lee Hsien Yang, PM Lee’s brother. The Lees are currently not on good terms with each other, to put things mildly. But can this pave the way for Huanwu to make his return to Singapore without his uncle breathing down his neck?

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