Singapore news today | Police Absolves Themselves Of Blame On Delay Of Permit For Tan Cheng Bock’s Party Launch

Yesterday, Dr Tan Cheng Bock announced that his new opposition party, the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), was not able to continue with its planned launch on June 15 at the Singapore Expo Hall as Police permits and a host of other permits like the Public Entertainment Licence have not been approved yet.

It did not take the authorities long to rebut the feeling on the ground that they have purposely delayed the permit approval, just because it was Dr Tan and his new, popular, opposition party. The Police have issued a statement that basically lays the blame on the delay squarely back to Dr Tan’s PSP. In the statement, the police indicated that the PSP had wanted to play a music and screen a film at the event, and the Police thus advised PSP to to apply for a Public Entertainment Licence and submit the film to the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) for classification. The police also indicated that PSP applied for a police permit on May 3, when the police asked them to submit more information.

The police then reminded PSP again of the requirements on 7 May, but it was only on 27 May that the requirements were met. The film that was required to be submitted also was not submitted to date. So, basically, the police said that they tried to accommodate the PSP’s permits application, even to the extend of reminding them continually, but the party failed to meet the requirements, and thus the delay occurred. Once again, the blame lies squarely on the opposition, for it was their own delay that caused the postponement of their party launch. Never mind that the planned launch is still 11 days away, the excuses are already in, instead of working together to make things happen.

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