Singapore news today | Pritam Singh Shares An Inspiring Fathers Day Story To Celebrate All Fathers

WP MP Pritam Singh was in the limelight recently during the Fathers Day weekend, when he was at the end of a sarcastic jibe by a PAP Senior Parliamentary Secretary. Everybody now knows that PAP MP Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim sarcastically remarked that Pritam Singh was only seen at Nee Soon three times in the last two years, when the two camps crossed path on Sunday. The post was done as he wished Pritam a happy Fathers Day. Totally a classless act.

Pritam Singh, of course responded in a class manner, just wishing the Assoc Prof a Happy Fathers Day and best wishes for him and his team. And, to further show proof what a class man he is, Pritam’s own Facebook post chose to highlight how a father’s sacrifice is all it takes sometimes for someone to make it big. Here is his FB post in full:

“Happy Father’s Day
Intriguing name of the FlyScoot A320 that brought me home this evening! Apparently, the aircraft was so named to commemorate the coming together of Scoot and TigerAir some years back.

As my good luck would have it, I also sat next to a Scoot pilot during the flight. Fahmi was coming back after a short holiday in Ipoh with his wife, while I was returning home early from an Aljunied GRC trip with some Eunos residents.

Unbeknownst to me, I met Fahmi in 2014 when he had just started ground school – something I realised after Fahmi scrolled through countless photos on his phone to show me we had met before. Even as an Industrial Engineering undergraduate at NUS, Fahmi always dreamt of being a pilot. Sadly, Singapore Airlines had temporarily stopped recruiting cadet pilots just before he graduated, so his dream was shelved. Some years later, another airline ran a cadet pilot program but the catch was it would have to be self-funded with no guarantee of a job. Even so, Fahmi’s dad supported him through flight school – a huge financial commitment. 18 months later, Fahmi came home with a commercial pilot’s licence, but no job. More training awaited, moving to jets, getting rated etc. But he applied to Scoot and the rest, as they say, is history.

Our parents, both fathers and mothers do a lot for us. Most of it is incalculable. And they make many sacrifices so that we children can fulfil our dreams.

Fahmi reminded me his father introduced me to him in 2014 as “a pilot”, even though he had not even flown yet.

Sometimes a father’s affirmation is all a child needs.

Father’s Day falls this weekend. Happy Father’s Day to all you heroes out there.”

What a truly class act from a true gentleman.

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