Singapore news today | SDP Questions What And How The PAP Have Improved Singaporeans’ Lives Since 2015

SDP has fired the first salvo among the opposition by laying out their plans to make things better for Singaporeans . They held a rally at Hong Lim park last Saturday, and had 9 speakers of the party giving their speeches and promising what they would do for Singaporeans once they get elected into Parliament.

Robin Low took issue with the increasing cost of transportation in a tiny country state that is Singapore. He openly questioned why transport fares keep rising, while Singaporeans know that transport companies are currently making huge profits. He also said that Singapore need diversity in Parliament and MPs who knows the ground, not some detached millionaire Ministers who have no understanding of high cost of living, as they can afford it without batting an eyelid.

Damanhuri Abas, meanwhile, questioned why the PAP continues to clamp down on its critics, and also raised the issue of the upcoming 10m population, indicating that locals are becoming more marginalised as the foreign talents steal Singaporeans’ jobs while earning tax levies from the government.

Bryan Lim focused his speech on how the PAP and PM Lee failed in their 2015 GE promise of managing the high cost of living. In fact, the cost of living keeps going up and up, with taxes rising and even the plans of raising GST being mentioned. In fact, he said that Singapore is now the most expensive city to live in.

Khung Wai Yean focused on the CPF, and the lack of flexibility of CPF schemes. He accused the PAP of acting in their own interest, as they felt that they had been given the mandate in the 2015 GE, and they can do whatever they like.

Alfred Tan also took issue about the impending GST hike announced by PM-in-waiting Heng Swee Keat, and took exception on the PAP’s justification, by blaming increasing healthcare and the aging population, but not acknowledging the government’s own role in their wasteful spending and investment loses.

Ms Min Cheong addressed the issue on the influx of foreign PMETs amidst growing anxieties about a shaky economy and tight labour market, while at the same time, locals are losing jobs as many companies started retrenching workers.

Dr Paul Tambya spoke about the challenges facing those trying to get alternative views into parliament beginning with the lack of an independent election commission to the intimidation and control of the media. He cited POFMA as the latest in the PAP’s efforts to shut up its critics.

Dr Chee Soon Juan called on the people to support the SDP because the PAP cannot be trusted to keep its promises with a strong opposition in Parliament. He noted how the PAP backed down after the 2011 GE when their vote share went down greatly, when they started to introduce a slew of positive changes. But when their vote share increased sharply in 2015, they started tax hikes and pushing through a host of unpopular law changes.

Finally, John Tan examined how the PAP Government has broken its promises when it retained the people’s hard earned CPF money even after its maturity. The government also begin introducing scheme after scheme designed to hold back someone’s CPF money well after the retirement age of citizens.

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