Singapore news today | ST Censors All Mention Of Lee Hsien Yang At Pink Dot, Although They Reported It Earlier

It seems like The Straits Times have censored all mention of Lee Hsien Yang and family making their presence felt at the recent Pink Dot event. The event, which took place on 29 June at Hong Lim Park, ensured the whole area was bathed in Pink as the LGBTQ community and their friends gathered, with the theme this year a strong call to repeal the Section 377A of the Penal Code.

The section penalises gay sex between men. However, the ST first reported the Lee Hsien Yang, PM Lee’s brother, attended the event with his wife, and second son, Li Huanwu, who was himself there with his husband Heng Yirui. Li and Heng of course recently got married in South Africa. However, an hour after the news report on Lee Hsien Yang having been there at the event, the news of him being there was curiously deleted away in the ST Online news portal. In fact, the entire section of the news report on Lee Hsien Yang’s family was removed, and no mention of them were made again.

As we all know, the news of Li Huanwu’s marriage to his husband Heng Yirui was also not reported in the main stream media, although the news was reported every where else online. A case of ST and the state media purposely writing off any mentions of Lee Hsien Yang’s family? Self imposed or ordered to by someone higher up?

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