Singapore news today | WP’s LTK And Yee Jenn Jong Visit Lau Goh’s Ward, To Challenge Goh And His Views

Workers Party, led by their MP and all -round popular opposition leader Low Thia Khiang and former NCMP Yee Jenn Jong spent their past Sunday morning visiting the Marine Parade and Geylang Serai areas to do their residents outreach program.

The Workers Party group also visited the newly reopened Marine Parade market, which had undergone major renovation works and was closed for the past 14 months. The Marine Parade ward is helmed by ESM Goh Chok Tong, who recently said that the PAP will have to occupy 75 to 80 percent of seats at the Parliament in order to come across as a strong government. WP was most likely there to disple this notion and fear mongering by meeting with the residents there and explaining to them that the figures bandied about for making a strong government has no basis in fact. A strong government can be achieved by having a strong incumbent party, as well as a strong opposition as a credible voice of reason.

In fact, in a Facebook post by Yee about two weeks back, he said that “And we need not impose such fear on ourselves, because fear is the politics that the ruling party had been playing for so long. As an entrepreneur, I appreciate that competition is the way to force the incumbent to be responsive and innovative, and the alternative had to be credible. That is why we have anti-monopoly law in business, but when it came to politics, we have often been told that the ruling party needs a super strong majority or even absolute rule (we just heard it again from ESM Goh). The playing field has been made deliberately unfair and even good people have been deterred from taking the alternative side because of fear”.

This is seen as a direct response to ESM Goh, and the visit to his ward further reinforced that WP is taking on ESM Goh in his own backyard.

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