Someone has been defecating on Tokyo’s Akihabara streets & people are peeved –

A man has been going around the streets of Akihabara in Tokyo, Japan, taking a dump, much to the annoyance of shop owners in the area.

Poop man caught mid-action

Local media has referred to the man as “poop man” (unko man).

When interviewed, a shop owner, Nakajima Kosaku, said he noticed the poop right away after he opened his window on a hot day.

Unfortunately, this was not the only time he encountered the stray poop.

He told J-Cast News this has already happened for around 10 times from April to June 2019.

The “poop man” has reportedly taken a dump at areas near utility poles, and at back alleys.

One time, Nakajima even snapped a picture of the perpetrator while he was in the middle of a poop.

He then put the posters up with a plea for people to call the police should they see him.

“There are people in Akihabara who are inconvenienced by such behaviour.

Please call 110 should you spot the man in the midst of pooping.”

Fled after someone called out to him

According to J-Cast News, the man, who was wearing a black t-shirt, was said to have fled immediately when he heard someone asking him, “What are you doing?”

The report also said the man seemed to be in his 30s, and that he was carrying a blue rucksack.

Nakajima said, “I want him to come and apologise to me. I want to know why he’s doing this, if he has anything against me, or it’s simply a prank. But first of all, I want him to show his face.”

Top image via Fumiya Kotan/Twitter

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