Someone on Quora called S’pore ‘a less developed country’, netizens triggered –

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Singapore – Popular YouTuber and blogger mrbrown shared a post he saw on Quora from 2018 of someone throwing shade at Singapore and called it “a less developed country” and “very dangerous.”

On July 12, mrbrown saw the following question posted on Quora: “Where can I get a piercing in Singapore without a parent’s consent needed? I’m under 16.”

While the question seemed sincere and valid, a response from a member of the public sparked many reactions from netizens.

The response from a certain Soxna S. Dice who is an alleged ‘Former Government Regulatory and Environmental Attorney’ started with, “It’s very dangerous to get a piercing in a less developed country like Singapore.”

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Soxna continued by saying, “I spend a lot of time in Africa, and Americans don’t realize that other countries don’t have the strong health and safety regulations we do.”

A bit confusing, no?

“In the U.S., if you get a piercing, you know that the shop has met government rules for sanitizing their equipment and preventing transmission of dangerous diseases,” wrote Soxna.

“In poorer countries, they don’t have those regulations, and even where they do, they don’t enforce them.”

Soxna went on to say that getting a piercing in a poorer country like Singapore heightens one’s risk for acquiring AIDS, Hepatitis, or a severe infection.

“As I’m sure you know, AIDS and Hepatitis are lifelong, often fatal diseases,” said the knowledgeable Soxna.

“Sorry to say it but I think you should get a less dangerous souvenir of your trip.”

mrbrown wrote in his caption: “You’ve got to be kidding me. Soxna, have you even BEEN to Singapore? Poor country? And do you know how strict our hygiene and health standards are?”

Many agreed and shared their own experiences of people who thought less of Singapore.

Joyce Foo recalled how her manager from the U.S. held her breath while showering because she thought the water was unclean.

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Photo: FB screengrab

Thanks to a certain Iivi Song, some light was shed on the confusion. It would seem that there is a small settlement in South Africa that is named “Singapore.”

It could be possible that Soxna was referring to this Singapore, although the former environmental attorney noted “country like Singapore” in the response.

“Although why she thinks of THAT Singapore first is…???” commented Iivi Song.

“Update: She could be referring to a Singapore in Africa. Google it. Doesn’t change the fact that she didn’t do her homework,” wrote mrbrown.

Read the full post below:

Update: She could be referring to a Singapore in Africa. Google it. Doesn’t change the fact that she didn’t so her…

Posted by mrbrown on Thursday, 11 July 2019

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