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Staying safe at home on Day 7 of Singapore Phase 2 Heightened Alert, we enjoyed one of the best beef balls, Hakka yong tau foo, Hakka noodles and bang kuang kueh today thanks to buddy who dabao-ed for us 🥡

Stall name: The Beef House 

Address: 217 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207776 (inside Gar Lok Eating House, REHAU Building)

Tel: 9821 5463 ☎ 9665 4919

Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm (Fri off)

The Hakka noodles which are like mee pok but slightly narrower, thicker came in a separate bag from the sambal sauce. By themselves, the noodles looked anaemic but once tossed in the sambal sauce, it showed us its true colours. It looked fiery and intimidating, and we can smell the lard as we tossed and folded the noodles. 

They tasted so good!

The noodles lost a bit of firmness in transit but we can still feel a tender spring in the bite. The sambal and lard combined to coat each strand with a delicious savoury spicy lardy flavour. The little bit of fried minced pork buried in the noodles provided a subtle sweet undertone.

Of course, the traditional way to eat Hakka noodles is with just the minced meat and lard like the wonderful Hakka noodles we had in Seremban, Malaysia. But, it is nice smothered in Beef House’s signature sambal too.

The beef balls were amazing. If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I hardly ever used this word to describe food. I myself couldn’t remember when, if I ever said that before.

It’s an addictive blend of sweet, beefy, savoury flavours in a firm-tender subtly chewy ball. Great texture and taste with every bite.

The clear soup that the beef balls came in was good too – full flavoured with well balanced savoury, sweet, beefy tastes in every spoonful.

The Beef House’s house made yong tau foo pieces were all good too. They have more texture and flavour than those generic yong tau foo commonly found elsewhere.

Take this tofu for instance – it is topped with a pinch of pork and fish paste. The tofu had nice tender spring and subtle chew to the bite. The pork and fish paste had nice layers of sweetness.

Another example, mushroom filled with pork and minced fish. It tasted good with a blend of soft-tender texture and different types of sweetness. So unlike the generic flat tasting surimi filled yong tau foo commonly found in Singapore.

Beef House’s yong tau foo came with savoury spicy chili sauce and an old school sweet sauce which is undergirded with fermented bean paste flavour. Nice! and not easy to find in Singapore now.

We also had Hakka style bang kuang kueh (jicama) which is called 沙葛粄.

Inside the nice tender-chewy gummy skin, it was full of ingredients (stewed bang kuang, dried shrimp, mushroom, etc), so the little steamed dumpling is packed with savoury-umami and sweet flavours.

We drank it chilled. It tasted like sparkling fizzy soda with a slight spritely lemon zest. I liked it. If you like to try some, call Sam at ☎ +65 6535 3833

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