The Largest Mala Tang Chain from Shanghai is coming to Singapore

Red Lips, the largest new-age mala tang chain from Shanghai will arrive in Singapore soon.

Red Lips, choosing the Lion City to launch its first-ever overseas outlet, attracts long queues every day, and has opened over 40 outlets in China within five years of its establishment.

An advocate of healthy eating, it claims to not use any artificial ingredients, seasoning or spices in its offerings. As such, the brand has become a hit especially with office ladies in China, lauded for its addictively delicious sauces, quick service, affordability and customizable offerings with healthy ingredients and low-carb options.

In addition, Red Lips adheres to the philosophy of making great flavours with great ingredients. For procurement, it partners with reputable local suppliers — ingredients are handpicked and selected for their freshness, quality and taste.

Customers can choose up to 45 hotpot items including seafood, meat, vegetables, noodles and other speciality offerings. Be spoilt for choice with the brand’s repertoire of seabass, prawns, clams, pork collar, sliced chicken, sliced beef, meatballs and more. Temper the meat indulgence with assorted vegetables such as emperor sprouts, Chinese yam, white radish, tofu, and more.

The ingredients are then drenched with speciality sauces such as secret spicy sauce or creamy sesame sauce, both of which kick up the flavours by several notches.

Red Lips is the perfect option for customers to satisfy their appetites with a great variety of all-natural ingredients in a convenient, delicious hotpot-in-a-bowl.

Red Lips Singapore will open to the public on 12 October 2019 at Jewel Changi Airport.

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