Tiger Beer celebrates National Day with local pride stories

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Photography: KEK Seafood

Grab a bottle of Tiger and enjoy this special film that celebrates all things local…

With the theme ‘It is what we do today that we will celebrate tomorrow’, Tiger Beer is inviting you to acknowledge, celebrate and enjoy the days before National Day, the moments before success, and the struggles before the glory of our local talents!

From struggle to success

While enjoying the successes of the nation on its birthday, this award-winning lager encourages us to celebrate the stories of hard work and determination that comes before success. So before the festivities on 9 August, Tiger Beer is starting with a special film on 8 August to explore the journeys that led to the achievements of iconic local talents!

Celebrate Singapore’s stories

Delve into the homegrown stories of Dennis Tay, founder of the well-loved brand Naiise; the Keng Eng Kee brothers, who started their own zi char restaurant that was even featured in the Michelin Guide; and Amos Ananda, the designer breaking boundaries with his brand.

Music lover? While you might have rocked out to the songs of pop-rock band TKB or admired the voice of Hokkien opera singer Lee Ah Lek, you’re probably unaware of their road to success.

But, now’s your chance! If you’re curious about the stories of these homegrown talents, head over to the Tiger Beer Facebook page to watch their film that commemorates this special occasion with these stories that inspire #localpride.

This short film is intentionally released on the eve of National Day, for everyone to relive the struggle-to-success moments of homegrown talents from all walks of life. We’ve just seen the video, and it’s making us all patriotic before the parade! Watching the video makes us realise how success really comes from hard work, which serves as an inspiration for us to do better.


And before enjoying the film or preparing your cheers for the National Day Parade, be sure to stock up on your own pack of Tiger Beer. There’s no better drink to accompany the festivities of the nation’s birthday than this locally brewed lager, right?


Celebrate the day before National Day with a Tiger Beer six-pack at just $8.80 available across major supermarkets and select e-retailers! This value for money promotion is in celebration of Singaporeans and the long weekend, and lasts for one day only on 8 August 2019!

Enjoy Tiger responsibly. This post is in partnership with Tiger Beer.

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