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Kirkland is a city in Washington, with a population of nearly 90,000.

They have also been in the national spotlight after two deaths occurred there.

Specifically, it took place at LifeCare Centre in Kirkland.

The home itself has been cut off to the public.

There were tweets claiming the home had denied it was an Covid-19 outbreak cluster before.

As of this article, there has reportedly been three more deaths related to the care centre.

According to Kiro 7 News, here is a list of the five deaths related to the home.

– A man in his 70s, died at EvergreenHealth on March 1. He had underlying health conditions and was a resident at LifeCare.

– A woman in her 70s, a resident of LifeCare. The woman had underlying health conditions and died March 2.

– A woman in her 70s, a resident of LifeCare. She also had underlying health conditions and died March 1.

– A woman in her 80s, a resident of LifeCare, was never hospitalised and died at home on Feb. 26.

There was another presumptive positive from a 50-year-old patient at LifeCare who died.

Presumptive positive means that while the public health lab test came back positive, the test is still pending confirmatory testing at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Who is affected

As of this article, there have been at least nine confirmed cases related to the nursing home.

Over 50 residents and staff have shown symptoms of Covid-19.

There are 108 residents and 150 staff in the facilities.

Despite the outbreak, not all of the residents and patients are being tested yet — just the ones with symptoms.

According to Kiro 7 News, that could be a problem:

“Jody Connolly’s dad, Jerry Wall, is at the care center. He doesn’t appear to have symptoms but Connolly says his roommate has been coughing for days and is not wearing a mask.”

It is unclear how exactly the virus made its way into the nursing home, as all the infected right now do not have any travel history to China.

The issue is not limited to the nursing home though. According to reports, firefighters who had visited the home have been quarantined — as have students from the Lake Washington Institute of Technology who visited the home.

Another confirmed case in North Carolina was also found to have links to this particular nursing home.

For reference:

Washington itself has seen a rise in the number of deaths from Covid-19.

There are now nine people who have died in the Washington area, eight from Kings County (the county where the nursing home is located).

Perhaps the worrying statistic though is that these nine deaths come from a total of 27 cases in these two counties, which places the death rate at a staggering 33.33 per cent, which presumably means that there are a lot more unearthed cases in the community.

It is still unclear who the original case that spread the virus to the home is.

An Amazon employee in Seattle, Washington’s largest city, was recently confirmed as a Covid-19 case.

A tweet describing just how tough it is to get medical help in Seattle has also gone viral recently.

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