What to Do When Your Washing Machine Gave Up On You Unexpectedly

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Our 2 year old washing machine decided to give up on us, just days before the Lunar Chinese New Year! Before the 9kg washing machine “kaput” on us, it has sent out a warning, in the form of a nasty burning smell, half way through the routine washing cycle.

Tip: A burning smell is a sign of a motor, or an electrical issue with the washing machine. Turn off the washing machine immediately, and leave it turned off until you get someone to look into the problem. As the washing machine motor might retain a lethal amount of static electricity, even when it has been turned off,  you should never repair a washing machine on your own, even if you have some experience with electrical repairs and appliance repairs.

The cause of the burning smell could be one or more of the following reasons: broken drive belt when rubbed against other components when it was spinning, or  jammed motor pulley which has overheated or lastly, a broken defective drive motor. It turned out that the breakdown of our washing machine is due to the confluence of several factors, and these made the repairs too expensive. As a result, we had to look for a replacement machine.

Reassessment of the lifestyle needs

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of our life, and impacted the way we conduct our most mundane chore. We realized that we have increased the usage of our washing machine significently, and that washing in warm water (80°F or higher) is a must for every wash cycle. All these additional requirements must have stressed our existing washing machine.

Increased Capacity

As mentioned earlier, as our usage frequency has increased, the capacity of 9kg (wash) and 6kg (dry) is inadequate for our new lifestyle needs. As a result, we have to upgrade the capacity of our next washing machine.

PUB water efficiency rated

Since we will be using the washing machine more often, water and electricity conservation have become more important. As our existing machine does not come with a PUB water efficiency rating, therefore it is time for us to invest in one that comes with at least 3 ticks, to save twice the amount of energy.

Do you know? The fastest way to shortlist the washing machine models is to check out the reviews listed at CNET and Consumer Reports to narrow down the search.

Washing machine delivery checklist

To ensure that the delivery and installation of the new washing machine is smooth, here are 3 things you need to do!

#1. Check the condition of the electricity socket and water fitting

Since the burning smell could have been caused by leaking water, check that there is no water leakage and that the electrical wiring is still sound. Ensure that all the water connections are in good working condition. Inform the company that is replacing the washing machine, if you need to replace the water fittings.

#2. Find out the physical space available

Aside from ensuring that there is an adequate amount of space for the washing machine, additional clearance space is required to ensure that the washing machine is able to function effectively and safely. Hence, there should be at least one inch of clearance space around the washing machine for proper air circulation. Aside from this, an additional 5-6 inches is needed for the connecting water hoses, hookups and adequate ventilation behind the washing machine.

#3. Measurements of the existing space affect the washing machine model and capacity

Usually the higher capacity washing machines come in larger sizes. Therefore, the physical area after setting aside the clearance space, connecting water hoses and hookups, will limit the models that are of higher capacity. Hence, both the net size and the gross size of the washing machine are important for you to determine whether if the short listed washing machine is too big. The washing machine gross size actually includes the size of the small protruding parts.

What we did
 We checked the electrical plug and water fitting and they are still in great condition. As we were unable to flush the washing machine against the existing carpentry nicely, we had to make do with a slightly smaller width. Nevertheless with the limited space available, the  Toshiba TWD-BJ120M4S washer cum dryer is able to fit. On top of that, it is able to offer us a sizable upgrade of around 20%; from an existing capacity of 9kg (wash)/6kg (dry) to an increased capacity of 11kg (wash)/7 kg (dry)!

Kindly note that this is not a sponsored post.

4 things to prepare, prior the delivery of the washing machine

#1. Make space for the delivery personnel to move about

Rearrange the living room and kitchen furniture to make space for the delivery personnel to move about. Push the furniture or other household items against the walls where needed. They will need adequate space for pushing out the old washing machine easily, before replacing it with a new one.

#2. Ensure the existing washing machine is empty

Check that the existing washing machine is empty of any personal belongings, to make sure that you did not leave anything behind prior removal.

#3. Unplug the electrical plug and water hoses

To help the delivery personnel remove the existing washing machine quickly and effectively, you can un-attach the electrical plug and water hoses from the existing washing machine first. The water hoses will be reused for the replacement washing machine.

#4. Standby the vacuum cleaner and mop

The hard to reach spaces behind and beneath the existing washing machine would have accumulated years of dirt and dust. Hence, you should vacuum and mop these areas, the moment the existing washing machine is removed by the delivery personnel.

Conduct a simple washing machine test, prior signing off the delivery

You should conduct a simple test before signing off the delivery. The best and most effective way to perform such an acceptance test, is to clean the washing machine tub with the “wash tub clean quick course” in an automated mode. While you are running this mode, check that there is no water leakage and that the hot water temperature is working fine. Once the washing machine has passed the test, you can sign off the delivery without any worries!

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