Woman Found Guy in Tinder Who Said He Wanted to Talk About Books, Not Boobs

I’m a straight male.

But for this particular guy on Tinder, I’m more than willing to go down the curved path.

Before you categorise me as an official bisexual, however, let me just explain for a little bit.

So as you may be aware of, the dating app Tinder can be used for a myriad of reasons:

  • Finding a life partner
  • Finding friends
  • Finding friends with particular benefits
  • Finding a girl who looks like Jessica Alba because you wish to procure her signature

You know, the usual works.

But for one guy on Tinder, it’s not so much about boobs…

As it is about books.

Think of him as an A.I. robot for book queries. But instead of being a mindless piece of technology, it’s an actual flesh-and-blood human.

Suffice to say; the acronym DTF has never been more relatable.

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Image: Facebook (Tinder)

Woman Found Guy in Tinder Who Said He Wanted to Talk About Books, Not Boobs

Known as ‘Will Recommend Books’ on Tinder and Dorian to news outlets, this enigmatic figure is totally DTF:

Down To Flip.

Self-professing to be a Spotify for books, the account promises to talk about your latest reads without a single complaint.

“Here for a book time,” he wrote. “And for a long time.”

At this point, you may wonder about his real intentions.

“Maybe it’s just a roundabout way to get into the pants of women,” you reason.



But from the looks of it, it may simply be a genuine intention to re-introduce reading into this technology-filled society.

According to a MustShareNews reader, his conversations are not just intellectual, but useful, practical and most importantly, wholesome.

He would start off with the most intriguing of conversation-starters. In this case, it’s something that goes along the lines of:

“Hi there! Would you like to talk about books or could I interest you in a book recommendation?”

When the reader entertained the notion, the account pushed forth with her preferred genre, book titles and even TV shows.

“Are there any topics you would like to explore (if any)?” he added for good measure.

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:

As it turns out, Dorian isn’t just well-versed with books titles.

He’s also adept at creating a synopsis, and is equally knowledgeable about non-fiction and self-help books.

Even TV shows are not beyond his area of communication.



“Fav shows: friends, game of thrones, Vikings, the last kingdom, naruto (does this count lol), cloud atlas movie, interstellar, mr nobody, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind,” he wrote.

But It Appears That Some Want More Than Just His… Dictionary

It’s said that nothing interests a woman more than a well-conducted, intelligent conversation.

Apart from Brad Pitt’s smile anyway, but that’s beside the point.

And it seems that some Tinder dates were eager to push past the boundaries of dictionaries, and instead trespass into more dangerous waters.

One, for instance, was not shy about her intentions.



“All I want is you,” the unidentified Tinder date wrote.

“Uhm,” replied the Tinder book expert. “I’m only here to recommend books.”

“But… You’re on dating site…”

Apart from being knowledgeable, it appears that Dorian also possesses a hefty amount of wit.

“Yeah but I’m primarily here to talk about books,” he said.



“Not talk about boobs.”

Someone give this man an entire library already.

It should be noted that some accounts were also keen to ask relatively dubious questions.

One, for instance, asked for a psychological book that would offer tips on human manipulation.

Such profiles were instantly blocked, said Dorian.



Who On Earth Is Dorian?

In an interview with MS News, it was unveiled that Dorian’s a managing editor, and has reportedly been in the journalism industry for 11 years now.

As for the reason behind such an initiative, he stated that reading could enhance intelligence in a way that other forms of entertainment cannot.

But he did express that these other forms of entertainment, such as TV, music and social media, are not inherently bad.

Rather, they may simply not be the best sources for information.

A notion that we can vouch for here.



“Why Tinder though?” you may question. “Who goes for a book review on Tinder?”

Well, the reason may be due to the dating app’s overwhelming user base: an estimated 689 million users around the globe.

Apparently, he initially tried to launch his initiative with a Telegram bot, but the move ultimately failed to make the cut.

And so he turned to the popular dating app in hopes that there would, too, be women who are keener to talk about dictionaries than… you know. 

As my colleague once put it:



“Nothing stimulates a guy like a well thought out book query.”

The content of the book query, however, is largely up to your own imagination.

Featured Image: Javier_Martin / Shutterstock.com

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