Woman gives birth to baby in a 20 minute Gojek ride –

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A woman gave birth to her daughter during a Gojek car ride and had the most understanding driver who refused a tip from the family.

When Nish Ai RystApit was woken up at 5.30am on the morning of August 23 by light contractions, she did not think much of it as it was nowhere near her baby’s expected due date.

At about 8.30am, with contractions occurring every five minutes, she called for a Gojek to go to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital with her sister-in-law.

A few minutes after getting into the car, Nish went into active labour.

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“But before we could reach the hospital, I was in my labour!! It was such a chaotic moments!! I was shouting so badly with all the pain as my water bag burst and my sister in-law says she can see the baby head coming out” Nish said.

While the woman was in a state of panic, her Gojek driver, Leng Khee Kwong, told her to push and reassured her that they were reaching the hospital soon.

Within about twenty minutes, Nish had delivered her baby in the car.

Upon reaching the hospital, Nish was met by hospital staff, who tended to her, and her husband.

She was very grateful to her Gojek driver and wrote, “Would like to say BIG THANKS To GOJEK driver MR LENG KHEE KWONG SLV1673T, for his help through out the journey in assisting me and making sure we reach KK Safely. Im sorry for the chaotic moments and the mess in your car”.

Nish added that even when they offered Mr Leng money to clean his car, he refused, congratulating the couple on their baby.

TISG has reached out to Nish for further comment. /TISG

Dear everyone let me Start with the journey experience of me GIVING BIRTH IN GOJEK CAR! On 23 August 2019, at about…

Posted by Nish Ai RystApit on Monday, 26 August 2019

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